Searching for a more natural look?

We can use natural stone for your new patio if you'd like. We will "dry-set" or "wet lay" the stones to achieve a beautiful nature based oasis.  Choose irregular shaped pieces for a rustic English garden look, or dimensional straight-cut stones for a sleek modern look.

"What kind of warranties are offered?"

Since our featured brands are of the highest quality, many of them can be up to four times as hard as regular poured concrete. With this exceptional strength coupled with excellent quality control, our featured brands offer lifetime warranties on all their products!

"If brick pavers are ideal for our climate, why do I see so much poured concrete?"

The biggest drawback to pavers is their higher initial cost.  While installation tends to be very labor intensive there are lower cost pavers available to suit a variety of budgets. A professional installation coupled with a good quality brick paver leads to a quality result that can last a lifetime.  Forget about the cracking and heaving found a few years down the road with slab-on-grade poured concrete.

Pittsburgh's "freeze/thaw" climate demands a flexible paving surface.  Paving stone or "paver" patios are the ideal choice for our climate.  Pavers act individually in times of freezing and thawing which gives flexibility to the paving surface.  A good quality concrete paver is four times stronger than your typical poured and cured concrete slab. Concrete paving stones are available in a wide range of styles and can be an economical choice.  Natural paving stones are real stones and are typically more expensive. Real stone however, can have unmatched aesthetic qualities that manufactured products can't quite mimic .  We love the look of a natural stone patio; it never goes out of style.  These products combined with our custom design and professional installation will ensure your investment will last for years to come.  We work with you during our design process to make sure the patio space meets your needs and functions well with your specific site conditions. 


We specialize in the design & Installation of paver patios

We operate out of Mars, PA and primarily service North Pittsburgh.

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Some answers to a few common questions...

"Don't brick paver patios end up with weeds in-between all the individual bricks?"

While this was true maybe twenty years ago, advances in the industry have come a long way.  We used to use regular sand to fill between brick pavers.  Polymeric Sand was the next advancement in jointing compounds.  While offering much better performance versus plain sand, this too had limitations.  Wet climates like ours tend to soften polymeric sand and keep it from performing at its optimal level. We are now offering the latest advancement in the jointing compound product line. Once cured this product stays very firm to the touch even in the worst conditions.  This will lock the paving stones together virtually eliminating weeds, while still allowing the stones to flex in a "freeze/thaw" climate.  With a better performing grout comes less maintenance.  Pressure washing can be done to keep your paving stones looking their best without damaging or reinstalling the jointing compound.  


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